Horsley Farmers Market, Surrey
Horsley Farmers market
Love to be local

Visiting Horsley Farmers Market is the perfect way to buy fresh, local goods from their growers and producers.  The market has a wide array of seasonal farmed and produced goods, as well as speciality foods and drinks, crafts and plants.  We have between 30-40 stalls at each market so there is plenty of choice for everyone!

East Horsley, Surrey.  |   info@horsleyfarmersmarket.co.uk


We're all about local and we're committed to supporting the community.

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Competition time!

Get involved and enter our exciting sunflower growing competition!

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Held every third Saturday of each month, you can find us in the heart of Horsley, Surrey from 9am to 1pm.

16th April

April 2021 Horsley Farmers market

16th July

July 2021 Horsley Farmers market
May 2021 Horsley Farmers market

21st May

August 2021 Horsley Farmers market

20th August

15th October

October 2021 Horsley Farmers market

19th November


18th June

June 2021 Horsley Farmers market
September 2021 Horsley Farmers market

17th September


17th December

“Great to have a farmers market within walking distance of us. We've enjoyed fresh seafood, topped up our gin supplies, had local made cheese, stocked the freezer with Indian food and ordered an artisan craft birthday present, after our normal Saturday morning coffee and butchers visit to the village.

Claire Brown

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Kingston Meadow, Kingston Avenue, East Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6QT

​​9am - 1pm  |  Every third Saturday of each month